Enchanted Realm of 紫藤: A Magical Pop-Up Bar Experience-体育投注


Enter the Enchanted Realm of 紫藤: A Magical Pop-Up Bar Experience


Get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of enchantment as Lackawanna College and Marywood University team up to create a magical pop-up experience named “紫藤”. From April 3 to May 9, 2024, guests are invited to transport themselves into a fantasy realm 在拉克万纳 College’s 409体育投注亚当斯 restaurant.

紫藤 is not a typical pop-up bar but a dynamic narrative journey spanning six weeks, with each week bringing new exciting themes and fun surprises. This unique Spring experience is thanks to a collaboration between Lackawanna College’s School of 热情好客, Lackawanna College’s Writing Studies and Marywood University’s School of Architecture.

紫藤’s story was meticulously crafted by Lackawanna College writing student Julie Koerwer and Lackawanna College assistant English professor Kevin McDonough. Over the course of six weeks, guests can witness an unfolding tale, similar to the growth and transformation of an enchanted forest. 409体育投注亚当斯’s dining room, patio and entrance hallway will feature trellises and forest-themed décor to further immerse guests. The design was created by Marywood’s School of Architecture 学生 lead by professor of practice, 约书亚·伯曼.

Along with the décor, Lackawanna College’s School of 热情好客 学生 in the culinary arts, 烘焙 & pastry and hospitality management 项目 have crafted a menu and drink selections perfectly complimenting the whimsical setting.

Following the success and positive feedback of Blitzen the Bar from the previous fall semester, 紫藤 promises to deliver a fun experience for guests. Whether it be a date night or an evening out with friends, 紫藤 offers an unforgettable trip into the realm of imagination. 紫藤 plans to return each Spring with new themes and experiences.

紫藤 opens its doors every Wednesday and Thursday at 5pm in Lackawanna College’s 409体育投注亚当斯 student-run restaurant located at 409 Adams Ave. Scranton, PA 18510. We hope to see locals and visitors join us for an everchanging journey in downtown Scranton.

Reservations are encouraged and walk-ins are available. To make a reservation visit the 409体育投注亚当斯 webpage 在拉克万纳.edu.